I am really glad you made it here! Thanks to all who supported me with this!

Weird electronic synthesized melodies blended into atmospheric ambience with classical sounds of piano and orchestra,
smashed with breakbeats and dub space beats. Thats the sandwich glued together, which is presented via the
Space Muze - album, which is the most present representation of my music.

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1. Intro 2:48
2. Outflying 5:04
3. Dub Space 3:51
4. Orbital Confuz 4:05
5. Planetary Dispute 3:51
6. Mercury is Gone 3:19
7. Voyage to the Void 2:24
8. Interspace Intermission 2:29
9. Disco to Saturn 3:43
10. Saturn After Party 2:35
11. Oceans of Enceladus 4:23
12. Solar Wind 3:11
13. Atmosphere Alien 4:34
14. Symphony of Infinity 7:02
15. Last Year Snow 4:05

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